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Oxycodone Addiction Side Effects

Oxycodone is a type of narcotic pain reliever, and it is prescribed most often to treat moderate pain as well as severe pain. It is vitally essential that you understand that Oxycodone is inherently habit forming. What this means is that it is completely natural for the body to develop a physical tolerance to the drug, and so when you stop taking it you are going to experience an inevitable process that is known as Oxycodone withdrawal. Any drug that contains Oxycodone has the potential of being addictive, and many people who start out taking it properly for legitimate reasons end up abusing it in the future simply because it is naturally addictive in nature.

Because Oxycodone is inherently addictive and habit forming, it is vitally essential that you always consider the risks involved in taking this type of medication. It is also vitally essential that you understand the side effects that come with using this medication and becoming dependent on it or addicted to it so that you know how to deal with the situation when it occurs.

Oxycodone Addiction Side Effects

Oxycodone Withdrawal

When you take Oxycodone for a period of time, your body develops what is known as a physical dependence. What this means is that your body has become accustomed to having the drug in it, and so when you suddenly discontinue taking the drug, your body responds in a way that is uncomfortable or unfavorable. The symptoms associated with Oxycodone addiction withdrawal can be uncomfortable but they are not necessarily life threatening. Still, the best way to go through the withdrawal process is with the help of a drug rehab facility team (800-303-2482) that can give you the care and support that you need along the way.

If you discontinue taking Oxycodone abruptly after abusing it or being addicted to it, there is a high risk that you are going to experience withdrawal. Therapy using Oxycodone needs to be discontinued slowly and gradually rather than quickly in order to prevent this from happening. Withdrawal symptoms can be even more severe and even more harmful in situations where you are seriously abusing the drug. In other words, the withdrawal someone will experience after moderate use is going to be much different than the withdrawal someone will experience who has been heavily abusing Oxycodone for many years.

Symptoms Associated with Oxycodone Withdrawal

  1. Symptoms that feels similar to the flu
  2. Experiencing panic attacks
  3. Fevers
  4. Feelings of anxiety
  5. Weakness in the muscles
  6. Pain in the muscles
  7. Vomiting and nausea
  8. Insomnia and other difficulties with sleeping

It is important to understand that withdrawal symptoms are different from person to person. What you experience when coming down from a Oxycodone addiction is going to be completely unique to what everyone else experiences. Some of the characteristics that change how you experience withdrawal include:

  1. How long you have been using Oxycodone
  2. How long you have been abusing Oxycodone
  3. In what manner you are abusing Oxycodone, such as by snorting it, taking more of it than you are supposed to, dissolving and injecting it, inserting it rectally or so on.
  4. In what dosages you are taking the drug. Some people take more of the drug than they are supposed to at a time, while others abuse Oxycodone by taking more frequent dosages than what they are supposed to take. Either way, when you are taking more Oxycodone than you are supposed to, you are abusing the drug and upping the likelihood that you are going to experience severe withdrawal symptoms when you do eventually stop taking it.

Getting Help for Oxycodone Addiction Side Effects

Quitting cold turkey is not the right way to overcome your Oxycodone addiction. The best thing that you can possibly do for yourself is to get help from a professional drug rehab center (800-303-2482) in your local area. When you get professional medical help, what you are doing is surrounding yourself with the treatment, care and support that you need in order to completely and fully overcome the physical and emotional hold that the drug has on you. The journey is going to be long and may feel overwhelming at first, but getting real, true professional help is the right way to make sure that you overcome the addiction and move on with your life safely and happily.

There are a lot of different types of drug rehab programs out there so make sure that you find the one that will best address your individual needs.