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Oxycodone Addiction Symptoms

Oxycodone is also known as Oxycodone hydrochloride. This is a potent opioid narcotic drug that is similar in nature to morphine. Because of the mechanisms for use with this particular prescription painkiller, there is a significant potential that the people taking it will abuse it or become addicted to it over time. This is especially true in situations where the medication is being used improperly. When Oxycodone is used correctly and according to a physician’s recommendations, it can be an important and useful painkiller. However, it is only effective and only safe in situations where it is actually being used correctly. It is vitally essential that you always take measures in order to make sure that you are using the medication correctly. Using Oxycodone in an off label manner can swiftly lead to a substance abuse problem, addiction, overdose and even death.

Understanding Oxycodone Addiction

As is normal for narcotic medications such as Oxycodone, the body is going to become physically dependent over time as you continue to use Oxycodone. It is important that you understand that the physical dependence itself is not a sign that you have become addicted to Oxycodone. Physical dependence is actually a completely normal, predictable response to using a narcotic pain reliever over a long period of time. What happens is that your body becomes accustomed to the specific physical changes that the medication is causing, and so when you stop taking the medication, the withdrawal effect is simply inevitable.

Oxycodone Addiction Symptoms

There is a very big difference between Oxycodone physical dependence and Oxycodone addiction. As such, it is vitally essential that you understand what the warning signs are that a Oxycodone addiction might be occurring. When you know what you need to look out for, then that is when you can most accurately spot and deal with an addiction problem before it becomes something significantly more severe.

Oxycodone Addiction and Abuse Symptoms

  1. Someone who is addicted to Oxycodone might be stealing, lying or displaying other types of dishonest behavior.
  2. Someone who is addicted to Oxycodone will have a lack of money that is not otherwise explainable.
  3. Someone who is addicted to Oxycodone is going to go through their prescription much more quickly than they should. They may seem to run out of pills or tablets much more quickly than their prescription instructions would indicate, requiring a refill much sooner than recommended. They may come up with poor lies to describe why, such as that they dropped the pills in the sink.
  4. Someone who is addicted to Oxycodone is going to doctor shop, which entails going to a number of different healthcare providers, sometimes in different cities, in order to obtain as many Oxycodone prescriptions as they possibly can. They may also frequently switch healthcare providers hoping that each new physician will dole out a new Oxycodone prescription.
  5. Someone who is addicted to Oxycodone is going to make up a lot of lies and excuses about why the medication is disappearing, or why they need more. They might be repeatedly reporting stolen prescriptions, lost prescriptions, needing prescriptions early because they are going out of town and so on. These are all poorly veiled excuses to keep up the supply of Oxycodone whenever they are getting low prematurely.
  6. Someone who is addicted to Oxycodone is going to display secluded behavior or isolation. They may be pulling away from their friends and family and spending increasing amounts of time alone.
  7. Someone who is addicted to Oxycodone may suddenly change who they are hanging out with, abandoning their good friends in favor of more questionable people.
  8. Someone who is addicted to Oxycodone is going to display changes in mood and behavior that are not normally explainable. They might have mood swings, unexplained sadness or depression, unexplained anger and unexplained elation or their moods might go up and down rapidly without any known triggers.

Seeking Oxycodone Addiction Help

If someone you know is displaying these symptoms, they could be addicted to Oxycodone or something similar. Drug addiction is a serious problem and the person in question is going to need to get help sooner rather than later. If someone that you know or love is struggling with a Oxycodone addiction, then you should help them find a drug rehab program (800-303-2482) in the area that is going to help them get the treatment that they need. The right drug rehab program is going to provide solutions unique to prescription drug addiction problems so that the right support, treatment and care are provided from day one.